Over the years, we at Tarot Party have been proud to attend some of the UK’s best Tattoo Conventions.

At venues such as Manchester Event City, Manchester Central, and Doncaster Racecourse, we have regularly had queues of 4 hours, for visitors wanting tarot card readings. Tattoo Conventions have a wide range of visitors, and we love reading at these events – and some of our most memorable readings have indeed taken place at tattoo shows.

Our first tattoo convention was the popular Tattoo Tea Party at Manchester Event City – a last minute booking (literally the night before) as the fortune teller they had lined up cancelled “due to unforeseen circumstances”! We had a great weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the traders, other entertainers, and of course the long line of guests wanting to have their cards read.

Since then, we have read at various other similar events and often have visitors come back for readings each year.

Tarot Party are perhaps the only Fortune Tellers in the world to have a mention in a book on Tattoos – Lee Barron, in his excellent book Tattoo Culture writes:

Tattoo Culture - Book Cover.

Subtitle - Theory and contemporary contexts

Author - Lee Barron.

“…Alongside the retail dimension of the convention are the carnival or “sideshow” entertainments that are an intrinsic and persistent motif of the convention experience…. Of the carnival style, the Manchester Tattoo Show boasted a fortune-teller tent prominently positioned in the centre of the venue that offered attendees tarot readings and palmistry (services which were in constant demand throughout the day)…”

He is of course referring to Tarot Party who attended several of the tattoo shows held at Manchester Central over the years.

If you are an events organiser, whether it is a tattoo show or something similar, and would like to have Tarot Party at your next event to entertain your crowds, please get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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