DENDROGRAPHOLOGY: The art of identifying an individual’s character traits from a simple drawing of a tree.

A hand drawing a sketch of a tree ready for a dendrographology / character reading

If you are looking for something less esoteric and more scientific than Tarot (or something alternative to compliment our fortune telling) ask us about our Dendrographology readings.

Perfect either as a stand alone service or as part of our Tarot events, our dendrographologist will analyse your guests drawings of trees and give them feedback on their personality and character.

Discover who out of the group is naturally caring, who is ruthless when it comes to business, and who is a daydreamer. With over 12 areas to examine and decode, Dendrographology is a fun and revealing activity for team building events, group talks, trade shows and more – and offers an alternative for individuals and organisations that don’t want to dabble in divination.

This system is based on research of thousands on drawings, and whilst presented as a fun activity, our experienced readers claim that they can successfully match drawings to their artists with just a few questions – and given the opportunity, could identify a sketch by a serial killer from 100 different drawings.

We can supply custom printed, branded, result sheets for many events, if you would like your colleagues / guests to take something away with them that is personal and has you details on.

What would your drawing of a tree reveal about your personality?
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