Stuart Cassels

Over the years, we at Tarot Party have been proud to attend some of the UK’s best Tattoo Conventions.

At venues such as Manchester Event City, Manchester Central, and Doncaster Racecourse, we have regularly had queues of 4 hours, for visitors wanting tarot card readings. Tattoo Conventions have a wide range of visitors, and we love reading at these events – and some of our most memorable readings have indeed taken place at tattoo shows.

Our first tattoo convention was the popular Tattoo Tea Party at Manchester Event City – a last minute booking (literally the night before) as the fortune teller they had lined up cancelled “due to unforeseen circumstances”! We had a great weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the traders, other entertainers, and of course the long line of guests wanting to have their cards read.

Since then, we have read at various other similar events and often have visitors come back for readings each year.

Tarot Party are perhaps the only Fortune Tellers in the world to have a mention in a book on Tattoos – Lee Barron, in his excellent book Tattoo Culture writes:

Tattoo Culture - Book Cover.

Subtitle - Theory and contemporary contexts

Author - Lee Barron.

“…Alongside the retail dimension of the convention are the carnival or “sideshow” entertainments that are an intrinsic and persistent motif of the convention experience…. Of the carnival style, the Manchester Tattoo Show boasted a fortune-teller tent prominently positioned in the centre of the venue that offered attendees tarot readings and palmistry (services which were in constant demand throughout the day)…”

He is of course referring to Tarot Party who attended several of the tattoo shows held at Manchester Central over the years.

If you are an events organiser, whether it is a tattoo show or something similar, and would like to have Tarot Party at your next event to entertain your crowds, please get in touch to find out how we can help you.

DENDROGRAPHOLOGY: The art of identifying an individual’s character traits from a simple drawing of a tree.

A hand drawing a sketch of a tree ready for a dendrographology / character reading

If you are looking for something less esoteric and more scientific than Tarot (or something alternative to compliment our fortune telling) ask us about our Dendrographology readings.

Perfect either as a stand alone service or as part of our Tarot events, our dendrographologist will analyse your guests drawings of trees and give them feedback on their personality and character.

Discover who out of the group is naturally caring, who is ruthless when it comes to business, and who is a daydreamer. With over 12 areas to examine and decode, Dendrographology is a fun and revealing activity for team building events, group talks, trade shows and more – and offers an alternative for individuals and organisations that don’t want to dabble in divination.

This system is based on research of thousands on drawings, and whilst presented as a fun activity, our experienced readers claim that they can successfully match drawings to their artists with just a few questions – and given the opportunity, could identify a sketch by a serial killer from 100 different drawings.

We can supply custom printed, branded, result sheets for many events, if you would like your colleagues / guests to take something away with them that is personal and has you details on.

What would your drawing of a tree reveal about your personality?
Get in touch today to find out more!

We have just started writing a new page for our site about the various events we can read tarot cards at in Rochdale and surrounding areas – read it here!

We love reading for the residents of Rochdale and surrounding areas, at house parties, and various other events – and can be seen at The D’Ale House Bar on Drake Street in Rochdale Town Centre on the first Thursday of each month for our Cocktails & Tarot event. We have even read Tarot at Rochdale’s famous Feelgood Festival, in front of the iconic Rochdale Town Hall.

We are especially interested in expanding the Cocktail & Tarot format to similar venues in Heywood, Middleton, Milnrow, Whitworth – and further afield in Shaw, Royton, Oldham, Bury, Failsworth & Manchester City Centre. If you have a venue that might benefit from our events, please get in touch.

If you are looking for unusual and unique entertainment for your event, whether it is a party at your home, a birthday party in a venue, a wedding, Christmas party, or at one of the numerous other events around Rochdale, please get in touch to find out how we can make your day more memorable.


We will now be at this Pop Up Event on the new Date of Saturday 26th April

We are pleased to confirm that Tarot Party will be attending Manchester’s Pop Up Gallery event on Sunday 14th April 2024. The event being held at Fairfield Social Club, Irk Street, M4 4JT opens at 1pm and is Pet Friendly and with Free Entry!

Free Entry - Pet Friendly
Pop Up Market
Sunday 14th April from 1-5pm
Fairfield Social Club, Irk Street, Manchester, M4 4JT


We are looking at various offers and options for readings exclusive to this excellent event, but we will certainly be offering our famous Mini 3 Card Tarot Readings and Full 9 – 12 Card Tarot Readings at a fair price.

As always we accept Card and Cash payments. We are not taking booking for readings in advance – it will be a strictly first come, first served basis.

So, if you are looking for something fun to do, just north of Manchester City Centre, come down and browse the wide range of stalls, and have your Tarot Cards read!

We look forward to seeing you there!

We don’t update our blog as often as we’d like to – mainly because we are out of the office, reading Tarot and telling fortunes at events around Greater Manchester and beyond.

But we are looking at various ways to keep everyone updated whilst we are on the road. Of course you can check out our social media pages, including:

A lot has happened recently – we are now supplying weekly exclusive Tarot based Horoscopes (or Tarotscopes) to the Manchester Evening News. Published every Sunday you can find the link to each article on our social media pages, or head over to The Manchester Evening News’ website and search for Tarot or Horoscopes and sort the results by date to see the most recent article. Each week’s readings are written by our head reader Stuart Cassels and are based on both Astrology and Tarot. The feedback we are getting each week is very positive, and it is great to share our knowledge with the readers of The MEN in Manchester and beyond.

We are running a monthly Cocktails & Tarot evening at the wonderful D’Ale House Bar in Rochdale Town Centre on the first Thursday of every month. Customers have the opportunity to have a full, in depth Tarot Card Reading along with one of D’Ale Bar’s excellent cocktails – or one of their many excellent Cask Real Ales. Tickets for these events are available online, or if you want to pop down and see if we have space for you, just call in.

With the success of these tarot events, we are looking to expand the format to other venues around Greater Manchester. If you own or manage a pub and are interested in increasing your customer base, please get in touch to discuss exactly how we can help you, at no cost! In return for a table and a couple of chairs on one of your quieter nights we can provide the following:

  • Monthly Tarot Reading events with an experienced, professional fortune teller at no cost to you
  • Promoted on Social Media
  • Bringing in new customers to your venue
  • Online Booking so your staff don’t have any additional work (except serving more customers!)
  • Posters and Leaflets to promote the events
  • The option of a Complimentary Drink Offer with every reading (at no cost to you)
  • An agreement to keep the event exclusive to your area

So with no risk to you, and the opportunity to host an event that will get people talking, what have you got to lose? Contact Us today!

Over the years I have used various methods to predict sports scores – the Tarot, Runes, Dice and today it was the turn of the ancient art of Numerology to see how England would perform against Italy in The Football European Cup Final at Wembley tonight….

In Numerology, ENGLAND = 30 = 3

And ITALY = 22 = 4

Is it possible that the final score will be 3-4?

No! Because, of course, “Italy” isn’t really “Italy” it’s “Italia” So…

ITALIA = 25 = 7

So is the final score going to be 3-7?

No! – Because the numerology of a name is a constant. If numerology could predict football scores between teams, based on their names alone, the scores would always be the same!

But if we bring in a variable that is specific to tonight’s match – today’s date – then we have a completely new set of numbers.

Today’s date is 11-7-21 = 3

Which also happens to be the same as ENGLAND! – A positive omen in itself

So by adding the values of today’s date to the teams’ name gives us…


ITALIA = 10 = 1

Is it possible that tonight’s score will be 6-1?

Even with my very limited knowledge of football, that seems very unlikely…

But “ITS COMING HOME” and “FOOTBALLS COMING HOME” both equal 6 in numerology!

Even more Spooky!

But remember that 6 is same value as England + today’s date?

There you have it – irrefutable mathematical proof:

ENGLAND + 11-7-21 =


The above is purely for fun and entertainment. No guarantees are given to the accuracy of numerology.

If you would like to host a Tarot Party at your home in Greater Manchester, check out our home page for more information!

No one can deny that 2020 – 21 was a terrible time for events organisers, venues and entertainers! The global pandemic affected nearly all businesses, especially those who worked at parties, trade shows etc.

We didn’t let it stop us though! We have been working hard on the websites, social media accounts, and have even joined TikTok! Dr Harrizon has been uploading short (1 minute) tarot card readings to the world’s fastest growing social media platform, from our new recording studio in Greater Manchester, as well as offering recorded personal one-to-one readings for his followers.

What does the future hold for TarotParty?

We are now getting ready to return to house parties, events, and teaching tarot and other forms of fortune telling! We will still continue our Daily Three Card Readings and Weekly Romantic Readings on TikTok, although as we get busier, we may have to look at how often we record and upload videos.

If you would like to book a TarotParty for your next event, contact us for more information!