Over the years I have used various methods to predict sports scores – the Tarot, Runes, Dice and today it was the turn of the ancient art of Numerology to see how England would perform against Italy in The Football European Cup Final at Wembley tonight….

In Numerology, ENGLAND = 30 = 3

And ITALY = 22 = 4

Is it possible that the final score will be 3-4?

No! Because, of course, “Italy” isn’t really “Italy” it’s “Italia” So…

ITALIA = 25 = 7

So is the final score going to be 3-7?

No! – Because the numerology of a name is a constant. If numerology could predict football scores between teams, based on their names alone, the scores would always be the same!

But if we bring in a variable that is specific to tonight’s match – today’s date – then we have a completely new set of numbers.

Today’s date is 11-7-21 = 3

Which also happens to be the same as ENGLAND! – A positive omen in itself

So by adding the values of today’s date to the teams’ name gives us…


ITALIA = 10 = 1

Is it possible that tonight’s score will be 6-1?

Even with my very limited knowledge of football, that seems very unlikely…

But “ITS COMING HOME” and “FOOTBALLS COMING HOME” both equal 6 in numerology!

Even more Spooky!

But remember that 6 is same value as England + today’s date?

There you have it – irrefutable mathematical proof:

ENGLAND + 11-7-21 =


The above is purely for fun and entertainment. No guarantees are given to the accuracy of numerology.

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