Thursday 2nd May – Tarot Card Reading and Complimentary Cocktail / Real Ale / Spirit

D’Ale House, Drake Street, Rochdale Town Centre

Every First Thursday of the Month

Unlock the secrets that lie within the cards while sipping on the most enchanting concoctions in town. Join us for an evening of mystique, mixology, and magical insights at our exclusive event: Tarot & Cocktails Extravaganza!

🔮 What Awaits You?

Immerse yourself in the art of divination as our skilled Tarot Readers unveil the mysteries that surround you. Every card tells a story, and on this special night, let the cards guide you through a journey of self-discovery, love, and prosperity.

🍹 Cocktails Beyond Imagination

Indulge in complimentary, handcrafted cocktails that match the magic of the readings. Our mixologists have crafted a special menu, infusing spirits with the essence of the mystical.

For those who would prefer something different to a cocktail, we are also offering alternative free quality real ales, lagers, spirits & mixers and a wide range of low / non-alcoholic drinks

🎉 What to Expect:

Personalized Tarot Readings
Free Signature Cocktail with Every Reading
Lounge in an Atmosphere Charged with Magic
Uncover Your Destiny in Every Sip

🎟️ Next Event Details:

Date: Thursday 2nd May 2024
Time: from 6pm
Location: The D’Ale House, Drake Street, Rochdale

Our mystical mix of Tarot and Tipples is in high demand. Mark the date in your calendar now to guarantee your entrance to a night where fate and flavour collide. Don’t miss the chance to experience the extraordinary at The D’Ale House Rochdale.

Come for the Cards, Stay for the Cocktails — A Night of Magic Awaits! 🌙✨

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